About Our Family

About Melissa:

I am mama to Grace and wife to Liesbeth. In August of 2009, Liesbeth and I moved from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area to a small town in the middle of nowhere, Kansas so that we could afford to have babies and for me to be a stay at home mom. This blog chronicles our perspective on being gay, liberal, environmentalist, (kind of) attachment-parenting, Montessori-inspired parents out here on the plains. In my previous life, I was a postpartum doula and lactation specialist.

About Liesbeth:

Liesbeth (30) is mommy to Grace, and of course, my wife. We were married in Santa Rosa, California on October 28, 2008. She is possibly the happiest and most sane person on the planet. Liesbeth is a middle school science teacher and blogs here from time to time.



About Grace:

Grace is our sweet daughter, born on May 17, 2010 in the water at home. We think that she is the cutest baby in the entire world. Her favorite things include playing with her kitties, riding on her Mommy or Mama’s back, saying “hi” repeatedly to passers-by, performing the motions to “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, nursing, climbing stairs, and playing peek a boo.


10 thoughts on “About Our Family

  1. Found your blog via OBM today. What a lovely family! I particularly appreciate your recent post about choosing a sperm donor. My sister and her partner talk about this very issue, and I think any insight from folks who have gone through this is so helpful.

    I am writing from the progressive northeast. How is life in Kansas for a non-traditional family like yours?

    All the best!

    • Thanks! Kansas is not where we want to be forever, but for now it is okay. Moving from the progressive San Francisco Bay Area to here was a huge change. Some aspects of being in a small town in a red state are difficult, but we also have a lot of great friends (and even some family) here.

  2. I loved the article written by L about induced lactation and co-breastfeeding, thank you! Do you think there is any way you would consider letting me re-publish the article on this website: http://www.mumandmemagazine.com
    The aim is to provide positive role models and inspiring stories of breastfeeding.
    Very many thanks and kind regards, Stella

  3. I love love love your site! Thanks so much for sharing. My fiance and I are moving to middle of nowhere in June. Good to see another happy couple in BFE! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi!
    I just found your blog via OBM and am so excited to see another lesbian couple talking about babies! We’re planning to start trying in the next couple years, and as the future non-bio mom there is a ton of terrifying info out there…

    So I found your writing really lovely, and it very uplifting to read about the possibility of being able to breast feed our baby too! Can’t wait to do more research. 🙂


  5. Just found your blog via Two Moms and a Baby Bump and am so glad I did!!! My partner and I have been together 5 years this summer and I can’t wait to have a baby in the coming years. I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures! 🙂

  6. Just found your blog through MDC, since we’re both in the June 2012 DDC group (hubby and I are working on baby #1!). And I was happily shocked/surprised to see a picture of one of my favorite bakeries on this blog–Nantucket Bakery–which happens to be within walking distance of my house in Grand Rapids! It looks like you both are living in Kansas now, no longer in GR…am I right? Even so, I wonder if you had Grace while living in GR, or even if not, if you have any good thoughts on natural pregnancy/childbirth resources here in GR? We’re hoping to have a homebirth here in our Cherry Hill apt., and are interviewing midwives Yolanda Visser and Sara Badger this coming week. I also live within walking distance of the Hopscotch Children’s Store here in GR. any advice you have would be welcomed!

    Also, I love living in GR…it truly gets better and more locally/artistically-minded every day 🙂

    elisha (“elishamama” on MDC)

  7. M & L~

    I’m a queer almost-midwife and am working on my bachelor’s research project. My topic is co-nursing in queer families, and this is how I came to find your blog. Anyway, I’m now approaching the actual research part of the project, which involves parents completing a questionnaire about how sharing breastfeeding affected their perceptions of equality in their relationship, as well as about bonding between non-gestational parent and baby. I would be happy to let you read the pre-research that I have thus far, if you like.

    My questions are twofold: one, would the two of you be interested in filling out such a questionnaire? Two, I was wondering whether other lesbian or trans families who have co-nursed have contacted you, and if so, whether you might be willing to ask them if they would participate also?

    Thank you for your time; I look forward to hearing from you!


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